Advice about drugs and sex

Use drugs only if you feel good already and are comfortable with the situation

If you are going to use drugs or chems, keep in mind the following:

  • Only use alcohol and drugs if you feel physically and psychologically good
  • That means it's not a good idea to use substances if you are tired, sad or depressive or if you have problems with panic attacks or psychoses
  • The way certain drugs will affect you depends on your mood. If you are feeling bad, using drugs will usually make you feel even worse
  • Don't combine alcohol or drugs with medications; you will run extra risk of overdosing or having side-effects and/or unexpected effects

Get informed

  • The more you find out about a certain drug before you take it, the better you will know what you are doing. You will know which effects to expect and which risks are involved, for example, but also how long the effects of the drug will last
  • In the Drugs and Chems ABC, you can read more (in Dutch) about the effects and risks involved in commonly used drugs and chems. You can also call the Drugs Infoline and ask them your questions: 0900-1995 (€ 0.10 p/m)

Have your drugs (chems) tested

Testing is important:

  • Most drugs you might use recreationally don't come with information leaflets. You never know exactly what you are getting and what the drugs contain
  • The dose of the active ingredient can be different in each bit of powder, fluid or pill
  • Drugs are often mixed or "cut" with other substances, some of which can be poisonous
  • You can have coke, GHB, LSD, XTC, speed and many other drugs tested for a small amount of money. Not all testing services can test all types of drugs, however
  • Look on for information (in Dutch) about where you can get your drugs tested at a location near you

Make sure you eat well and get enough sleep

  • Be sure that you have had enough sleep before you take drugs. You will be better equipped to handle drugs if you are well-rested and have had a proper meal
  • Don't go out with an empty stomach, but eat something beforehand. Some drugs have long-lasting physical effects and will suppress your appetite
  • Eat lots of fresh fruit containing vitamins and antioxidants both before and after taking drugs. Those will help you recover more quickly
  • Take plenty of condoms and lube along with you if you are going to a sex date or to a sex party
  • Think about a few things in advance: What are your plans for the next day? How will you get home? How will you function at work on Monday?
  • Help your body recover by getting enough to eat and plenty of sleep after you have used drugs

Let someone else drive

Alcohol and drugs are extremely dangerous in traffic.

  • Alcohol and drug use is the cause of many fatal traffic accidents.
  • It is illegal to drive any kind of vehicle while under the influence of any substance: not only a car, but also a bike, motorcycle or scooter.
  • Agree in advance who will stay sober to drive. Otherwise, take a taxi in order to get home safely.

Use drugs in a safe environment

You can never know exactly what the effects of drugs will be:

  • The way alcohol and drugs will effect you depends on what you use and how much of it you take
  • The environment in which you use substances and the people you use them with will also have a major influence
  • Using drugs or alcohol in an environment where you feel safe and with people you trust will make it easier for you to handle them, and you will be less likely to have a bad experience than if you use them in a completely unfamiliar place where you know (almost) no one
  • Tell your friend(s) what you are using and keep tabs on each other
  • Never use drugs if you are alone!

Use less for more effect

Be careful with the amount of drugs you use:

  • Start with a small amount. That way, you can see and feel what the substance does to your body and mind
  • Especially with GHB and ketamine, there is only a very small difference between an effective dose and an overdose
  • If you use too much too quickly, you may "go out", have problems breathing and lose consciousness altogether. You might even enter into a coma
  • If you use large amounts of drugs more often, you will usually need to take increasingly higher doses to get the same effect. The higher the doses you take, the stronger the negative effects of those drugs will be as well
  • If you take drugs orally (by swallowing them), it will take a little longer before you feel the effect, and the effect won't be as strong as via other routes. Cannabis is an exception to this: eating cannabis will result in a stronger effect

Using larger amounts or combining different drugs and alcohol will make sex more difficult.

  • It will be harder for you to maintain an erection or you won't be able to come
  • It will also be harder for you to make real contact with your sex partner or with your surroundings, and you will be more likely to overstep your boundaries
  • For that reason, use less to get a better effect – especially in connection with sex

Don't combine things

It is smarter not to use drugs in combination with each other:

  • It is hard to predict the precise effects of combinations. If you use different drugs at the same time, you will be your own guinea pig
  • Whatever you do, don't use drugs or alcohol if you are also taking medications. By combining drugs and/or alcohol with medications, you run a much greater risk
  • If you want to take different drugs at the same time, make sure you are well informed about the risks and the effects of combined use

Swallow or snort, but do not inject

Beware of injecting drugs:

  • If you inject drugs, they enter your bloodstream immediately and spread very quickly through your whole body. That can make the effect extremely strong
  • Injecting drugs in unhygienic circumstances or using a dirty needle can lead to abscesses and infections
  • By sharing needles and syringes with others, you run a great risk of getting HIV, Hepatitis C and/or Hepatitis B
  • Drugs that are swallowed or snorted will have more gradual effect on your body

Make sure you have plenty of condoms and lube in reach

Stay in charge of what is going to happen:

  • Make sure you always have condoms and lube in your pocket
  • By fucking with condoms and lube, you will prevent yourself from becoming infected with HIV or some other STI
  • If you find yourself empty-handed at home, in the sauna or in a darkroom, you might be more easily tempted to fuck without condoms. Bring your own condoms with you on an Internet date or to a sex party

Be clear about fucking with condoms

Make it easier for you and your sex partner to fuck with condoms:

  • After taking drugs, your chances of having unsafe sex will be greater. Your inhibitions will disappear, and when you are high, safe sex may suddenly seem less important
  • As soon as you know that you are going to have sex, tell your partner that you want to do it with condoms. Talking about sex in advance makes it easier to stick to your agreements

Stick to your agreements

Discuss in advance with your sex partner what you do and do not want to do:

  • Some drugs will affect your consciousness and your perception so much that your day-to-day reality will seem far away. Especially crystal meth, XTC and ketamine (special K) have this effect
  • This may give you an amazing experience, but it can also lead you to fuck without condoms, despite all your good intentions
  • Stick to your intention and say "no" if you don't want to do something. That will be easier to do if you discuss it with your sex partner before you both take drugs

Use extra lube

During sex it is important to keep adding extra lube and to rehydrate yourself:

  • Alcohol and most drugs take moisture out of your body. Dancing for hours or being in a warm space will dry out your body even more
  • The resulting dehydration will cause your anus and other mucous membranes to be less moist than normal
  • That makes it even more important to use more lube while fucking
  • You can also make up for the loss of moisture by drinking one or two glasses of water, fruit juice or a sports drink

Use a new condom every 15 minutes

Don't forget to use condoms properly.

  • Drugs can cause you to lose track of your sense of time. They can also make you more aggressive and more assertive than usual
  • Be careful with yourself and your sex partner, and make sure your condom doesn't break
  • Avoid having the condom break during use by putting on a new one every 15 minutes and adding more lube

Keep track of what you use

Make sure someone knows what you have taken and how much of it.

  • Tell a friend which drug(s) you are using
  • That way, if anything goes wrong, the ambulance staff can know what you have taken and they can know what to do to help you

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