Help and advice

For information and advice about drugs and alcohol, you can call, email or chat with the Drugs Infoline and the Alcohol Infoline, respectively. If you find that use of drugs or alcohol is becoming a problem, there are many opportunities for online help and counselling, for example chatting with a therapist. For more intensive help, there are substance-abuse rehab centres. Choose whichever best fits your situation.

Questions about alcohol and drugs

If you would like to get information and advice about drugs and alcohol, you have different options:

  • With questions about alcohol you can call the Alcohol Infoline, 0900-500-2021 (€0.10 a minute).
  • With questions about drugs, you can chat with, mail or call the Drugs Infoline.
  • You can reach the Drugs Infoline by telephone on 0900-1995 (€0.10 a minute). The Drugs Infoline is available 24 hours a day.
  • If you would like to speak personally with a staff member of the Drugs Infoline, call on a workday between 9.00 and 17.00. Those conversations will be confidential and anonymous.
  • The experts on the staff of the Drugs Infoline can give you information and advice. If necessary, they will refer you speak to someone else for further help and information. You can also ask questions online using the reply form.

Online help and counselling 

More and more substance-abuse rehab centres are offering online treatment and self-help programmes:

  • With an online-treatment programme you get short-term counselling via chat sessions with a therapist.
  • With a self-help programme, you can stop using – or cut back on your use – all on your own. This online support is anonymous and available at any time of day.
  • The advantage of this is that you can follow the training programme at your own pace at times that are convenient for you.
  • You can find anonymous and online treatment programmes (in Dutch) for alcohol problems on On you can find a recognised self-help programme (in Dutch) on how to stop or cut back on your drinking.
  • You can find more online addresses (in Dutch) for support and guidance with problems involving drug use on

Substance-abuse rehabilitation near you

If you need extensive help or counselling, contact a substance-abuse rehab centre in your region. Substance abuse rehab centres have an extensive range of options for short-term individual counselling as well as for more intensive help in case of problems involving alcohol, drugs, medications and/or gambling.


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