Help and advice about drugs and alcohol

For information and advice you can call, email or chat with the Drugs Infoline and the Alcohol Infoline, respectively. Do you want more control over your life and your substance abuse? Or do you want to (temporarily) quit drinking or using drugs? There are many opportunities for online help. For more intensive help, there are substance-abuse rehab centres. Choose whichever best fits your situation.

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Help and advice about chemsex
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Help and advice about chemsex

Is the combination of sex and drugs (chems) becoming a problem for you? Do you want to quit chemsex or do you want to have more control over your substance use? Or do you simply have some questions? You'not on your own:

  • You can chat with Mainline 5 days a week, between 11 and 17.00 hrs. You can ask them everything about chemsex and how to deal with this. You can also call them to get in touch personally. There is a meeting for men who have quit chemsex or who are thinking about quitting, every wednesday evening at the Mainline office in Amsterdam. Check out this overview of all their chemsex support services (in Dutch)
  • In Rotterdam, Stichting HivPort organises meetings for men about chemsex, self control, use and health (text in Dutch)
  • In Amsterdam you can talk freely with volunteers of GGD Amsterdam. These are not nurses, but gay men who use or have used chems during sex. Send en e-mail to and they will call you to make an appointment
  • Are you looking for information about crystal meth (tina) and slamming (injecting) drugs? has the answers to your questions. This website also has an overview of specialised caregivers who can help you when you want to quit using tina or if you want to keep using, but keep better control of your life and substance use
  • Here you can find David Stuart's chemsex careplan, which gives advice on how to take a break from chemsex (available in various languages)


Questions about alcohol and drugs

If you would like to get information and advice about drugs and alcohol, you have different options:

  • The Alcohol Info Line and Drugs Info Line can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day on 0900-1995 (€ 0.10 per minute). If you would like a personal meeting with an employee, please call on workdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The conversations are confidential and anonymous. Expert employees provide information and advice. If necessary, they will refer you speak to someone else for more help and information. You can also chat with them or send an email


Online help and counselling 

More and more substance-abuse rehab centres are offering online treatment and self-help programmes:

  • With an online-treatment programme you get short-term counselling via chat sessions with a therapist.
  • With a self-help programme, you can stop using – or cut back on your use – all on your own. This online support is anonymous and available at any time of day.
  • The advantage of this is that you can follow the training programme at your own pace at times that are convenient for you.
  • You can find anonymous and online treatment programmes (in Dutch) for alcohol problems on On you can find a recognised self-help programme (in Dutch) on how to stop or cut back on your drinking.
  • You can find more online addresses (in Dutch) for support and guidance with problems involving drug use on


Substance-abuse rehabilitation near you

If you need extensive help or counselling, contact a substance-abuse rehab centre in your region. Substance abuse rehab centres have an extensive range of options for short-term individual counselling as well as for more intensive help in case of problems involving alcohol, drugs, medications and/or gambling. Not all rehab centres have programmes for chemsex rehab. On you can find a list of caregivers that have stated to be able to offer this specialised care.


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