Sex and drugs

Drugs can make sex last longer and help take away your inhibitions. That means you will also be more likely to overstep your boundaries. Prevent yourself from getting or passing on HIV or some other STI. Make agreements with your sex partner(s) in advance and put condoms and lube where they can easily be reached.

The sexual effects of drugs

Some men use drugs in connection with sex. Alcohol is also a drug. The conscious use of drugs or "chems" (i.e. chemicals, chemical substances) during sex is also sometimes known as "party and play" (PnP) or "chem sex".

The effects will differ according to the substance you use:

  • Most drugs and chems will make you feel less inhibited and experience fewer barriers. That can make it easier for you to look for contact with people
  • Stimulants such as speed, XTC and cocaine will give you more energy and make sex last longer
  • Other chems, such as cannabis, poppers and ketamine, will (temporarily) help relax your anus and the rest of your body
  • Drugs such as XTC (MDMA), ketamine and LSD will alter your perceptions of touch, sound and time
  • GHB and GBL can enhance your sexual excitement and make you feel hornier
  • Crystal meth (tina) gives you an overwhelmingly horny feeling, but it also has great risks. Check for more information.

Side-effects of drugs in connection with sex

Drugs and chems can also have side-effects that will actually make it more difficult to have sex. This often has to do with the dose you take. The more you take, the harder it can be to have sex:

  • Some drugs can make it much more difficult for you to come or even to get a hard-on.
  • Stimulants can make you feel anxious and make it hard to stay concentrated.
  • Narcotics such as ketamine and cannabis can make you introverted and seem distant from others. 


If you often use drugs during sex (chemsex), it can be difficult to enjoy sex without using drugs. You can also lose control of your life through frequent use. You don't have to stop chemsex or moderate your use all by yourself. There is a lot of help and advice about drugs on offer.

More risks as a result of drugs

Over and over again, scientific studies have shown a correlation between drug use and an increased risk in terms of HIV and other STIs. Among other things, that is because the use of drugs influences your perceptions and your inhibitions.  Stimulants also give you more energy and make it easier to fuck longer.

Keep in mind the following:

  • The friction caused by fucking can lead to small cuts and scrapes in the mucous membrane of your penis, anus and rectum.
  • Those can make you more susceptible to to HIV and/or STIs and make it easier for you to transmit HIV and/or STIs to your sex partner(s).
  • That is why it is good to use condoms when fucking. Use a new condom every 15 minutes to prevent it from breaking.
  • Use plenty of lube and keep adding extra lube every so often to prevent damage from friction.
  • When fisting, always use clean gloves to prevent the transmission of STIs such as Hepatitis C.

Drugs and chems lower your inhibitions, making it easier for you to do things that you wouldn't normally do. Prepare yourself for that:

  • Be aware of the possible effects of a substance before you take it and start having sex.
  • Agree with your sex partner in advance that you will fuck with condoms.
  • Make sure you have plenty of condoms and lube within reach, so that you won't have to interrupt sex.



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