No sex with chems because of corona: what now?

No sex because of coronavirus. That is not going to be easy for everybody. Especially when you use drugs/chems often during sex, it can be hard to suddenly quit.

Everybody in the Netherlands is asked to keep 1.5 meters distance to eachother. This also means: no sex.

Why no sex?

The coronavirus is easily transmittable. The Dutch health care system cannot cope with the sudden influx of new patients. That is why the spread of the virus should be slowed down now. 

When you have sex, you are close to one another and the coronavirus is also transmittable directly through kissing. Sex parties and threesomes are an even greater risk because:
A: chances are higher one of the sex partners carries the virus
B: the virus could be transmitted to all the other sex partners. 

Also for your own health

Chems are a burden on your body. People who very regularly use chems may have a weakened immune system. This makes them less resistant to the coronavirus.

Also: you are at risk of STIs and HIV. The possibilities to get tested and treated for free are temporarily limited due to the overloading of the GGD's. There are 2 reliable commercial home testing providers: and A hepatitis C home test is available via

What CAN you do?

Of course, you can still have sex with yourself or your (healthy) partner with whom you live at home. Sex via webcam or video calling is also an option. Many men use their dating apps for the time being only for a (horny) chat or exchanging pics.

Try to enjoy yourself at home as much as possible. If you feel stressed because of all the bad news about coronavirus, it would be best not to spend much time on social media or read much news. You can still go outside, as long as you keep 1.5 meters distance to others. So feel free to walk or cycle outside to clear your mind.

Craving for sex and chems

If you regularly use chems during sex, you might find it extra hard to not have any sex now. For example, a horny chat can evoke a strong craving for sex and chems. If you had already stopped using chems or had started to use less chems, you might find it extra difficult to keep up now. And maybe now you feel a stronger urge to escape from the stress this crisis gives in sex and drugs.

It's easier for some then others to keep control over their chems use. And maybe you can't do it at this moment. Or maybe you just don't want to. This is understandable!

You are not on your own

Fortunately, you don't have to do this all on your own. You can chat with the chemsex experts of Mainline Monday to Friday between 11 AM and 5 PM. You can also talk to the volunteers of GGD Amsterdam. Send an email to and they will call you back. We share tips on how to cope with cravings, triggers and relapses at, and here you can find David Stuart's tips if you choose to take a break from chems.

Do you want to continue using chems? Then check for information on how to limit health damage as much as possible.

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