HIV, sex and relationships

HIV doesn't have to spoil your sex life. You have plenty of options for keeping sex both fun and healthy.

Do either you or your sex partner have HIV? There is absolutely no reason for that to be a killjoy. You can keep the sex you have together enjoyable as long as you continue to communicate openly with each other. 

Steady partners

Are the two of you steady partners and do you want to have sex without condoms?  In certain situations, you could decide not to use condoms. If one of you has HIV, there are specific conditions under which you could choose to stop using condoms.  If both of you have HIV, you don't have to use condoms to prevent yourselves from getting HIV. Do the two of you have sex not only with each other but also with other, casual sex partners or fuck buddies? In that case, you could still pass on STIs to each other. Using condoms with others will reduce that risk. Do you both have sex with others, outside of your relationship? Make sure you both get tested for STIs once every three months.

Casual sex partners

Are the two of you casual sex partners and does one of you have HIV?  In that case, the advice is to use condoms together. What if you don't want to use condoms together, but you still want to reduce the risk of HIV? There are a few strategies that might reduce the risk in terms of HIV. However, you would still be running a risk of getting HIV and other STIs. Are the two of you casual sex partners and are you both HIV positive? In that case, it is a good idea to use condoms if you want to prevent yourselves from getting other STIs besides HIV as much as possible. You don't need to worry about getting a resistant strain of HIV as long as you are both being treated successfully with HIV medications.


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