Sex dates (casual sex partners)

If you want to meet men for sex dates or one-night stands, you have all kinds of options. Most men find sex dates via the Internet , for example by using dating websites, chat boxes and mobile apps. The Internet is especially handy if there aren't any good bars or parties nearby < URL: Sex on location > where you can go to meet men and have some fun.

Keeping your sex life healthy

If you have sex dates often, it is even more important to keep the sex healthy. The more casual sex partners you have, the greater your chances of getting STIs or HIV. Here's how to keep your sex life healthy:

A healthy sex life is not just about having sex without worrying about infections of course, but also about having pleasurable sex. Via the Internet it is easy to chat with dates in advance about what you want and what your boundaries are in terms of sex. Talk about those with your potential dates, or state your preferences clearly in your profile text.

Less risk of getting STIs and HIV

Unfortunately, STIs are a potential part of an active sex life.  Your sex partner may think he is healthy, but he could still have HIV or other STIs without knowing it. If you have sex with casual sex partners, use condoms to protect each other against HIV. Condoms will also reduce your chances of getting nasty STIs such as LGV and Hepatitis C. 

Also talk to your sex partner about healthy sex. When was the last time he was tested? Is getting tested for HIV and STIs on a regular basis just as important to him as it is to you? If he doesn't want to talk about HIV and STIs, you will need to think about whether you really want to have sex with him. How could he know for sure that he isn’t infected himself?  

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Preventing Hepatitis B

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