If you are not in a (steady) relationship at the moment, you are single. As a bachelor, you are completely free to do whatever you want, with whoever you want. Some men choose to be single because they prefer to remain independent. Other men simply haven't met anyone they find interesting enough to start a relationship with. Or you are single because your earlier relationship came to an end.

Alone, but not lonely 

Singles are not exactly 'alone'. If you have enough friends and social contacts, you are not at all alone as a single. It is important to have people nearby whom you can talk, laugh and cry with. Having social support is good for your health. With friends or good acquaintances you can talk about problems and get advice from them. Make sure you build up a solid circle of friends.

Looking for sex, friendship or a relationship

There are various different ways to find a nice man for sex, friendship or a relationship:  

  • Sex: the most common place for men to look for sex dates is the Internet. There are all kinds of dating websites, mobile apps and chat boxes. Some are oriented towards special groups, such as 'bears' or ‘athletic men’. Besides Internet dating you can also go looking for sex at special sex venues such as saunas (bath houses), darkrooms and sex parties. Or even regular gay bars. 
  • Friendship: dating websites that are less focused on sex, including PlanetRomeo or, are also good places to meet new friends. If you are chatting with someone and you discover that you have certain interests or hobbies in common, that will make it easier to suggest meeting for a drink or doing something else fun together.  

Naturally there are all kinds of other things you can do to make new friends. You can join a sports team or association or start doing volunteer work. There are many different gay organisations throughout the country that are looking for volunteers for their activities. 

  • Relationship: If you are looking for a relationship, it's really a question of being lucky and opening yourself up to new experiences. On the Internet there are various large dating websites aimed especially towards men who are looking for a (steady) relationship. 

The various ways you can find sex dates or friends can obviously also be ways to find a steady partner. If you notice that there is a really good click between you and the other person, it is possible that a friendship or a sex date could grow further into a relationship. Moreover, there are different kinds of relationships that you can try out. Those range from being fuck buddies, through having an open relationship to being in a monogamous relationship.  

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