Free condoms and lube

At many sex venues in the Netherlands, condoms and lube are available for free. You can also find information there about safe and healthy sex, STI and HIV testing and the Hepatitis B vaccination. The local GGDs and sex venues work together to promote a healthy sex life for the customers.

For you as a customer

Condoms used with plenty of lube offer the best protection against HIV and other STIs. If you have sex in a sex venue such as a sauna (bathhouse) or darkroom, it is important that you have access to good condoms and lube:

  • Sex venues are usually frequented by men who have many casual sex partners. That means there is a good chance that HIV and STIs will be transmitted.
  • Minor outbreaks of STIs such as syphilis and Hepatitis B sometimes occur in sex venues.
  • You may not always deliberately plan to visit to the sauna or sex club, or maybe you didn't plan on fucking while you are there. That means it could happen that you don't have enough condoms and/or lube with you.


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Preventing Hepatitis B

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