HIV and STIs

STI stands for "sexually transmitted infection". You might also be familiar with the older term for the same thing: "sexually transmitted disease" (STD) . STIs are diseases that you can get from having sex. Chlamydia and HIV are examples of infections that can be transmitted through sex. Most STIs can be cured. Getting treated with medications will help you get rid of them. HIV is one STI that cannot be cured, although it can be treated. By suppressing the virus with medications, you can remain healthy with HIV. 

There are different ways to reduce the risk of getting HIV or other STIs . Using a condom and plenty of lube is the best protection against against STIs, including HIV. For some STIs, vaccinations are available. Getting vaccinated will protect you from becoming infected with those particular STIs. For HIV there is PEP. That is a course of treatment that you can take after you have had risky sex, in order to reduce your chances of becoming infected with HIV.