LGV (lymphogranuloma venereum) is caused by a special strain of chlamydia bacteria. In the past ten years, LGV has become more common among men who have sex with men. The treatment of LGV consists of a course of antibiotics that lasts three weeks.

Symptoms of LGV

A painless sore (ulcer) or blister on the place of infection is often the first sign of LGV, just a few weeks after you have been infected. Normally that will be in your rectum, but it could also be on your penis or in your throat. You might not even notice that sore or blister.

After 10 to 30 days, your lymph nodes (glands) will become swollen, sometimes accompanied by a fever. After that you will get more painful symptoms, sometimes including pus-like discharge and fever. Later on you may get abscesses, ulcers and a narrowing in your rectum.

Treatment of LGV

Unlike "normal" chlamydia, LGV requires a three-week course of antibiotics. After having received the treatment, you will not be immune to LGV, which means you could get this severe variety of chlamydia again.

Transmission of LGV

LGV is transmitted through fucking without condoms and fisting without gloves, but also through blow jobs. Sharing dildos and/or sex toys is another route by which you can get or pass on LGV.  

Testing for LGV

By getting tested and receiving treatment in time you can prevent permanent damage to your health. If you ever get fucked, make sure you always get checked for chlamydia in your anus, even if you don't have any symptoms. If the test results are positive for chlamydia in your anus, you will be further tested for LGV.

If you already have symptoms that could point to LGV, get yourself tested as soon as possible. Also, if you have (had) a sex partner who has LGV, you should get tested as well. If it turns out that you have LGV, it is very important to notify all your sex partners about that. That way, they can also get tested and receive treatment.

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