Forgot to take a PrEP pill?

If you use PrEP and forget to take a pill, you are not well protected against HIV. What you should do depends on when and how often you take PrEP. Did you recently have unprotected sex? Then you might need a PEP course of treatment instead of PrEP.

Daily PrEP:

If you are on a daily PrEP schedule and forget to take one pill, you are still protected against HIV. However, it is not as good as it should be. If you took your PrEP faithfully every day before that, there is most likely enough medication in your body to prevent HIV infection. If you want to be sure to protect yourself as much as you can, fuck with a condom.

  • Is it less than 12 hours since you should have taken it? You can still take the pill.
  • Is it more than 12 hours since you should have taken it? Skip the pill and take it at the regular time the next day. 

Have you missed more than two days of PrEP? Take two pills instead of one within 24 to 2 hours before you have sex. And then continue with the daily dosage schedule of one pill a day.

On demand:

  • Did you forget to take your pills 24 to up to 2 hours before having sex or did you take less than 2 pills? Then you are not fully protected. Fuck with condoms to protect yourself against HIV. 
  • Did you forget the pill that you were supposed to take once a day for two days after having sex?  
    • Is it less than 12 hours since you should have taken it? Take the pill anyways. Then continue with your original schedule. Do not change your schedule.
    • Is it more than 12 hours since you should have taken it? Then PrEP is not enough protection against HIV. Read below to find out if you need a PEP treatment.

If you have run a risk of contracting HIV because you forgot to take your PrEP, you want to be sure you do not have HIV These are the reasons why you cannot use PrEP if you have HIV:  1. At least three HIV blockers are necessary for proper treatment of HIV. PrEP contains of only two of these HIV blockers.2. There is a chance the virus gets resistend against the two components of PrEP. Resistance Je loopt kans dat het virus in je lichaam resistent wordt tegen de bestanddelen van PrEP. So far, resistance is rare in the Netherlands. However, you want to keep the chance as small as possible: the components that are in PrEP are also often used in the treatment of HIV.  before you continue to use PrEP. Get tested for HIV six weeks An HIV test can sometimes miss an HIV infection because your body has not yet produced any antibodies or because certain proteins of the virus are not yet detectable. This period is called the 'window phase.' Therefore repeat the HIV test after six weeks. Do NOT start with PrEP before you have this second result. Only when you can be sure that you do not have HIV can you start safely with PrEP. after having unprotected sex. In the meantime fuck with a condom to protect yourself and your sex partner against HIV.

How do you use PrEP on demand?

PEP after exposure to HIV

Did you have anal sex without a condom and you are not taking PrEP? And were you exposed to HIV because, for example, you were fucked by someone who might have HIV? Then you might need a PEP treatment. The sooner you start, the better the chances that the treatment will prevent you from getting HIV.
  • PEP consists of a 28-day treatment with HIV inhibitors. PEP reduces the chance of HIV nestling itself in your body.
  • You must start PEP within at least 2 hours and at most 72 hours
  • So as soon as possible, go to the GGD (local Public Health Services), the emergency room of the closest hospital or the HIV treatment centre of an (academic) hospital. A doctor will determine whether you need a PEP course of treatment.

Daily PrEP or only when you have sex?

You can decide which dosage schedule works best for you together with your family doctor. This depends partly on your sex life.

To keep this information up-to-date we regularly revise our texts. Last update: June 2018.

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