How to use PrEP

There are two ways to take PrEP: one daily pill, or on demand (before and after sex). Here are a few tips to help you take your PrEP on schedule.

How do you take PrEP?

When do you choose daily PrEP or PrEP on demand? How do you take your pills when you use it on demand? ANd is it possible to switch dosage schemes? Watch the video for answers to these questions.

Here are a few tips for all types of PrEP users. Scroll down to see specific tips for daily users and for on demand users.

Tips for PrEP users - Man to Man. Make sure you take extra pills with you. Keep them in your bag, coat pocket and places you visit often. Keep your pills somewhere you can see them. Ask your doctor for a repeat prescription on time. Schedule a reminder with an alarm or a dedicated app such as PrEP TIME. Ask a friend or a roommate to remind you. If you have any questions about using PrEP or side effects, go to for more information or talk to a doctor.

Going on a trip?

Ask your pharmacist for a list of your medications. Pack extra pills and put them in several different items of baggage.

1. Daily PrEP

If you take PrEP on a daily basis, you must take your pill at the same time every day.

Tips for Daily PrEP use- Man to Man. Take your pill at the same time every day. Choose a moment that you will not forget: when you brush your teeth or at dinner, for example. Buy a 7-day pill box at the pharmacy or drug store to keep track of when you have to take your pills.

2. PrEP on demand

Do you only take PrEP before and after sex? That is called ‘on demand’ or ‘intermittent’ PrEP. This dosage scheme will also protect you as long as you take it according to the instructions below. It is also possible to switch to the daily dosage scheme.

Before sex (first dose):

You take two pills at a time. Take this first dose 24 to at least 2 hours before you have sex. Write down the date and time you took the pills. Set an alarm on your mobile at this time for the next two days. Apps like PrEP TIME, MEDAPP of MEDALERT can help you with this.

After sex (second and third dose):

Did you have anal sex without a condom? Take one pill 24 hours after the first dose. 24 hours after that, take one more. When you have taken one pill a day for two days straight, you are protected from HIV. 

  • Did you have sex just once? Then there is no need to take PrEP after the last two pills until you want to have sex again. When you do, repeat the instructions above.
  • Planning to have sex in the days following? Keep taking one pill every 24 hours. You are now (temporarily) following the daily PrEP dosage schedule. Take one pill every 24 hours until the last time you have sex.

Always take one pill for two days after the last time you have sex.

Tips for using PrEP On Demand - Man to Man. Write down at what time you took the first two pills before having sex. Set two alarms on your phone: one alarm for 24 hours after taking the first two pills and one alarm 48 hours after. If you have sex again in the next few days, you must keep on taking one pill every 24 hours. You must keep on taking PrEP for at least two days after the last time you had sex.

Forgot to take PrEP?

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