Protect yourself and others

Condoms and plenty of lube are the best protection against STIs and HIV. Use plenty of lube to make the sex go smoothly. Condoms come in a variety of types and sizes. For fisting and fingering you can use gloves.

You can also get vaccinated against a number of STIs. Have you run a risk  of getting HIV, for example because the condom broke or because you didn't use one? In that case, a PEP treatment can protect you from becoming infected with HIV, as long as you start it on time (preferably within two hours and definitely no more than 72 hours after having run the risk of getting HIV).

If you are HIV negative and you fuck without a condom (“bare”), you run a risk of getting HIV. Some men who do not use condoms apply strategies by which they try to reduce their risk of infection with HIV. Some strategies do not reduce the risk but may even increase it (e.g. having “bare” sex with others who are HIV negative). Some other strategies may reduce the risk somewhat (e.g. viral load sorting). None of the strategies is watertight: you still run a risk of getting HIV. They also involve a major risk in terms of other STIs.


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