By fucking with condoms and lube you can prevent the transmission of HIV and reduce your changes of becoming infected with one of the other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). A condom is very safe and easy to use. Using the right size condom and plenty of good lube will prevent you from having unpleasant experiences.

The right type and size of condom

All CE-approved condoms are suitable for anal sex. Look for the CE logo on the packaging. The condom wrapper should also mention the expiration date. Never use condoms that are past their “use-by” date. After that date, the material is no longer good enough and the condom could break more easily.

It is important that that your condom fits well. That will prevent both discomfort and accidents involving condoms during sex.

  • The standard condom size works fine for most men: “one size fits most”.
  • How nice a condom feels, depends mostly on the diameter (the circumference). The length is less important.
  • Never wear two condoms at the same time. The friction will cause them to tear more easily.

Is the condom too tight or does it slide off during sex? Or do you have problems putting on a condom? In that case, it could be that you need a larger or a smaller size. You can find all different types and sizes of condoms on the Internet or in condom specialty shops. 


If you don't use the right kind of lube and enough of it, the condom could break. You can use water-based or silicone-based lube. Water-based lube is easy to wipe off and doesn't stain the sheets. A disadvantage is that it dries up quickly, which means you have to keep adding a bit more lube. Silicone-based lube feels a bit like oil, it lasts a long time and it feels very soft. A disadvantage is that it is harder to wipe off and can leave stains on your sheets.

Will you feel less with extra strong condoms? 

In terms of the safety factor, there is no difference between a regular condom or an extra strong or extra thick one when it comes to fucking. The important thing is that you use enough lube. If the condom material is thicker, you will feel less if you are fucking as the top. Many men consider that to be a disadvantage. But if you think that you come too quickly, using a thicker condom can be an advantage.

Buying condoms

You can buy condoms in many places: at supermarkets, at chemists or drug stores, in sex shops, in gay bars and clubs, and at shops that specialise in condoms, whether in town or via the Internet. Supermarkets and chemists / drug stores often only carry the most popular range of products by the major manufacturers. If you want customised advice or if you are looking for something specific, you should go to a shop that specialises in condoms.
Fucking with piercings
A top who has a piercing in his penis will often use a condom made of polyurethane, since they are thin but also extra strong. 

More pleasure and safer with lube 

Using lube is an essential part of pleasurable and safe fucking. The chance that a condom will break is much greater if you don't use enough lube.


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