Hepatitis A vaccination

Not only Hepatitis B, but also Hepatitis A is quite common among men who have sex with men. Hepatitis A is transmitted through contact with excrement (shit). It is less serious than Hepatitis B, but it can still force you to rest for several months.

Hepatitis A is highly infectious

Hepatitis A is highly infectious and is transmitted via excrement. That means that rimming (ass-licking) forms a risk in terms of getting Hepatitis A.  But also fingering and fisting (fist fucking) can lead to infections. You can also become infected with Hepatitis A via infected water, or via toilets, bathroom sinks, hand towels or taps that have been in contact with shit.

Vaccination against Hepatitis A

It is possible to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A. This vaccination is not free, but the costs are (partially) covered, depending on your health insurance provider. Besides vaccines that only protect against Hepatitis A, there is also a special vaccine that will protect you against both Hepatitis A and B. It is called Twinrix. Ask about that when you go to the GGD for the free Hepatitis B vaccination. You will only need to pay for the extra cost of the Hepatitis A vaccination.


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