Testing and treatment


Getting tested is the only way to know for sure whether or not you have an STI or HIV. There are several different ways you can get tested. Many men go to their family doctor or to the STI clinic. If you would rather arrange your testing for HIV and STIs online, you can do that via Testlab. For certain STIs there are tests that you can order online for your own use, but unfortunately those are not always reliable. The time frame required to get reliable results is different for each test. Each test differs in terms of how soon after the moment of infection it will detect an STI or HIV. That means it is very important to be well-informed and to discuss with your doctor what the test results really mean.

Treatment and notification of your sex partners

If the test results show that you have an STI, you can go to your doctor or to the STI clinic for treatment. A nurse from the STI clinic can notify your sex partners anonymously so that they can also get tested and receive treatment. That way you can avoid getting reinfected with an STI by your sex partner and prevent the further spread of STIs.


Personalised advise

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Preventing Hepatitis B