Regular testing

If you have sex with men, you automatically run more of a risk of getting STIs and HIV. The best advice is simple: if you have sex regularly, get yourself tested regularly too. Go for a test at least once every half year. Getting tested is important for your health, especially if you have new or multiple partners. That way you will know your status, and if necessary, you can get started with treatment as soon as possible. In doing so, you will protect yourself and your partners. If STIs and HIV are treated in time, they will not be as easy to transmit to others. If you have HIV, you run a greater risk of getting STIs such as Hepatitis C. If you have HIV and you have multiple sex partners, get tested for STIs at least once every half year and preferably once every three months. Als soa’s en hiv op tijd worden behandeld, worden ze namelijk minder snel doorgegeven. Als je hiv hebt dan heb je een grotere kans op soa’s zoals hepatitis C. Heb je hiv en wisselende sekspartners, laat je dan minstens iedere half jaar en liefst elke drie maanden op soa’s te testen.

Prevent unnoticed infections with STIs

No matter how well condoms protect people against HIV and STIs, STIs cannot always be prevented. Often you may not even notice that you have an STI. Yet in the meantime, you could transmit STIs to your sex partners. In the longer term, untreated STIs can lead to many health problems. 

Men who do not get tested often think they have not run any risk. They forget that you can have an STI or HIV without even having any symptoms. So, if you think you haven't caught anything, prove that to yourself. Get tested regularly. That way, if it turns out that you have an STI or HIV, you can do something about it. By getting treated, you keep yourself and your partners healthy.

Get tested regularly via your doctor, a STI clinic or Testlab

You can arrange for regular testing for HIV and STIs through your doctor, an STI clinic or Testlab, for example. Getting tested via the STI clinic or Testlab won't cost you anything. Depending on the type of health insurance you have, you may have to pay for STI testing if you do that through your own doctor. Do you live in the areas around Amsterdam, Rotterdam-Rijnmond or The Hague (Haaglanden), or do you live in Groningen, Drenthe or Friesland? In that case you can easily schedule your STI test online via Testlab.

Get tested online

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Preventing Hepatitis B

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