Where to get tested for HIV and STIs?

Testen op hiv en soa’s kan op verschillende plekken: bij je huisarts, bij de soa-poli of via Testlab. Welke optie het beste bij je past, hangt af van jouw situatie en wat jij belangrijk vindt.

In the familiarity of your doctor's office

Many men simply go to their own doctor to get tested. Your own doctor is familiar with your medical history. If you have symptoms, your doctor will be in a good position to assess whether those are due to STIs, HIV or some other cause. Your doctor is required to maintain confidentiality. That means that without your permission, he or she is not allowed to tell anyone else about your test.

The disadvantage of getting tested at your own doctor's office is that the cost of the test will need to be paid through your basic health insurance. It will count towards the amount you will need to pay before your health insurance coverage starts (i.e. the obligatory deductible policy excess). That means that if you rarely ever make use of medical care, you will need to pay for the test out of your own pocket. Your doctor will receive the test results just as soon as the STI clinic would receive them, if you had done the test there. If the results show that you have an STI, your  doctor can immediately prescribe the right treatment for you.


Expertise at the STI clinic

If you would rather get tested anonymously, the STI clinic is a good option. The same is true if you would rather not discuss your sex life with your own doctor. The staff at the STI clinic are experts in the field of STIs and they can help answer your questions about sex and sexual risks. For many men, this kind of counselling is at least as important as the STI test itself.

Sometimes STI clinics offer walk-in consultation hours, when you can simply come in without an appointment. But usually you will need to make an appointment in advance, either by telephone or via the Internet. Getting tested at the STI clinic is free for you. The test results are known after one week. If you need treatment, you will receive that immediately.

Online and easy testing via Testlab

Do you live in the area around Amsterdam, the Rotterdam-Rijnmond area, the area around The Hague (including Delft, Zoetermeer and Leidschendam-Voorburg) or in Groningen, Drenthe or Friesland? If so, you can request a test form very easily through Man tot Man's own Testlab. With Man tot Man's Testlab you can do your test anonymously and for free via a laboratory near you. 

  • Testlab is not suitable if your already have symptoms of an STI, or if you have been notified by a sex partner that he has an STI or HIV.
  • In that case, it is fastest to go to your own doctor or to an STI clinic to get tested and receive treatment.

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