Trimming your fingernails

It's important to have short and clean fingernails if you are planning to use your fingers during sex. Long nails are not only unpleasant, but they are also places where STIs can hide.

Prevent discomfort and injury during fingering

Not every man likes having someone's finger in his anus. That's often because the other person has (too) long fingernails. Trim your fingernails short and file them smooth before you start fingering or fisting someone. That will prevent you from causing him discomfort and pain. It will also keep you from damaging the mucous membrane of his anus or rectum with your nails. Such damage would increase the risk that HIV, STIs and other infections could be transmitted.

Keeping your fingernails short, smooth and clean will prevent you from carrying around STIs or bacteria under your nails. Especially Hepatitis C remains alive for a long time outside the body and can be transmitted by means of dirty fingernails.

Watch out for cuts and scrapes 

When you are clipping your nails, be careful that you don't cut your fingers. It's safest to use gloves when you finger or fist someone. 

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