Snuggling and kissing

Snuggling, kissing and massaging each other are ways that you and your sex partner can physically stimulate and sexually excite each other. In fact, there are many different ways of doing that. The big advantage is that they involve practically no risk of STIs whatsoever.


Snuggling and massaging each other

Snuggling is a good way to be intimate together. You can just leave it at that, or your can build up the intimacy and the sexual tension on the way towards the 'next step'. Massaging each other can make that pleasure more intense. If you are going to want to fuck after the massage, don't use massage oil but use silicon-based lube instead. Regular massage oil will damage latex condoms.

Kissing and tongue kissing

For many men, kissing is a kind of test: if there's no click when kissing, it probably won't work in bed either. By kissing, you can both get a sense of each other. Kissing can help you discover what the other guy likes – and sometimes even what he will be like in bed.

Kissing isn't difficult: hold your head at a bit of a slant, so that your noses won't get in each other's way. Move your lips against the other man's lips. For variation, you can open your mouth, nibble lightly on his lip and play with your tongue. Before you know it, you will understand what you both enjoy most. Kissing isn't limited to lips on lips, of course. You can easily kiss each other's entire body. Kissing can turn into rimming and/or sucking.

Snuggling, kissing and STIs

Snuggling and kissing are normally very safe.  If your partner has a cold sore, you could get herpes by kissing him. There is also a risk of infection with Hepatitis B if one of you has a wound or infection in his mouth and you kiss very intensively. Hepatitis B can be transmitted in that way through an exchange of blood. It is easy to prevent yourself from getting Hepatitis B by getting the free vaccination.

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