Coming out

Coming out is short for 'coming out of the closet'. It's the moment when you tell someone else about your gay or bisexual feelings.

Tolerance versus acceptance

People in the Netherlands are generally open and tolerant towards homosexuality. Despite the general social acceptance of homosexuality, you can still encounter people or surroundings less tolerant towards open expressions of gay love or homosexuality. If you're new to the Netherlands, it can be sometimes tricky to find your way 'as a gay'.

Mistreated or discriminated?

If you have suffered from offensive comments, violence, abuse or discrimination, please contact the police in your region. Reporting issues such as these means you can get the necessary support and care. You contribute to preventing abuse, violence and discrimination in the future. Several major cities and regions already have a special police taskforce 'Pink in Blue' (Dutch: Roze in blauw) which is dedicated to handling reports related to their local gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Personalised advise

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