Hepatitis A almost killed Kevin (28)

Martijn (37) wants to have sex without feeling guilty

For Lyle (21), PrEP came too late

Robin (32) had to explain to his family doctor what PrEP is

Michèl (44) uses PrEP on demand

Justin (24) uses PrEP

Peter (43)* is very happy with PrEP

Dirk (37) chose PrEP

Martijn (30)* is planning to start using PrEP

Roderick (37) is fed up with peoples’ biases against PrEP

Peter (38) uses PrEP on demand

Steve (36)* used PrEP to fuck without a condom

Refugee Saro (25) on make-up, sex and hepatitis B

Orlando (51) on anal orgasms, dildos and hepatitis B

Guido (21) on Tinderdates and hepatitis B

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Kevin is gay and from Suriname

Laurens (25) did a PEP treatment

Jeffrey (24) is open about his HIV