Support with HIV

If you have HIV yourself or if you have questions about HIV, you can turn to the following organisations and websites for more information, advice and personal support. the site for you if you have just heard that you have HIV is a website made especially for men who have sex with men and who have just heard that they have HIV. This site offers emotional support and information about sexuality and health shortly after an HIV diagnosis. is an initiative of the GGD Amsterdam in collaboration with Hiv Vereniging Nederland and STI-AIDS Netherlands.

Advice and support

If you have HIV yourself or if you have questions about HIV, you can get advice or support in several different places. For up-to-date information you can call:

Hiv Vereniging Nederland

Hiv Vereniging Nederland advocates the interests of people with HIV. The organisation’s website contains lots of useful information including all the addresses and telephone numbers you will need. Hiv Vereniging Nederland has a number of regional chapters and support centres where you can attend a variety of activities, ranging from cafĂ© evenings and sessions over treatment to meetings about support in your work situation. Look on the calendar of events on for the various activities.

Young people with HIV

For people under 30 there is a special website (in Dutch): JongPositief (Young Positive) is part of Hiv Vereniging Nederland.

Individual financial assistance

Under certain conditions, the Aids Fonds’ Individual Financial Assistance programme can provide financial support to people with HIV who don’t have much money to spend. The Aids Fonds offers only financial assistance if no other compensation is available though government programmes or other provisions. For more information or advice you can contact the Aids Fonds’ Individual Assistance counsellor by telephone between 13:30 and 16:00 on Monday through Thursday.

Psychological support

Have you been having psychological problems such as depression since your HIV diagnosis? If so, contact a counsellor. Your own doctor and your HIV nurse can help you find someone to talk to, for example by referring you to a psychologist or a psychiatrist. The social-services agency Algemeen Maatschappelijk Werk (AMW) can help you with practical support (e.g. housing, money matters) and assistance in learning to live with HIV. 


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