How a test works

An HIV and STI test at your doctor's office or at an STI clinic will always start with a consultation. To determine which tests will be necessary, based on the kinds of risk you have run.

A standard test consultation at your doctor's office or the STI clinic consists of the following:

  • The doctor or nurse will first ask you a few standard questions about your sex life and whether or not you have any symptoms of STIs and/or HIV
  • Even if you haven't noticed any symptoms yourself, the doctor or nurse can check to see if there is anything unusual
  • At the GGD or the STI clinic you will be tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, Hepatitis B and HIV
  • Hepatitis B, syphilis and HIV are tested via the blood samples, while gonorrhea and chlamydia are tested via the urine samples and the swabs

You will provide some of your own sample materials (for example a urine sample and sometimes also an anal swab). The doctor or nurse will also take some sample materials such as a blood sample and swabs from your throat, anus and urethra if necessary.

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