Notify your partners

Have you been notified that one of your sex partners had an STI? In that case, get yourself tested as soon as possible. Even if you don't notice any symptoms. The same applies to your sex partners. If the tests show that you have an STI, there is a good chance that your sex partners will also have it.

Partner notification is very important to prevent the further spread of STIs. Your sex partners can quickly and easily get tested and receive treatment at the STI clinic.

  • If you were diagnosed with an STI, the doctor or nurse will consult with you about who should be notified
  • In any case that will be your current sex partners and usually also your (ex-) partners from the past six months

Would you rather not be the one to tell your sex partners that you have an STI?  In that case, with your permission, the GGD can notify your sex partners about that instead of you. That can also be done anonymously.

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