Test results

There are different kinds of tests for HIV and STIs. Depending on the method of testing used, your results are known within an hour (in the case of the HIV quick test) or within 7-10 days (in the case of most laboratory tests).

If you go to hear your results from your doctor or at the STI clinic, your doctor or the clinic nurse will normally discuss the results with you. 

  • If the results of your test are "negative", this means good news (so far). Negative means that there were no indications that you have HIV or STIs
  • If you've gotten tested to soon after possible exposure to HIV or STIs, you need to confirm these results
  • If the results of your test are "positive”, that means HIV or STIs have been discovered by the test

If your HIV test shows that you have HIV, it is standard practice for laboratories to do another test to confirm these results. This is known as a “confirmation test”.

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