Where to get tested

You can get tested for HIV and STIs in different places: at your own doctor's office, at the STI clinic or via Testlab.

Many men simply go to their own doctor ('huisarts') to get tested.

  • Your own doctor is familiar with your medical history
  • Your doctor is required to maintain confidentiality. That means that without your permission, he or she is not allowed to tell anyone else about your test.

If you would rather get tested anonymously, the STI clinic is a good option. The same is true if you would rather not discuss your sex life with your own doctor. The staff at the STI clinic are experts in the field of STIs and they can help answer your questions about sex and sexual risks. Usually you will need to make an appointment in advance, either by telephone or via the Internet. Your third option is Man tot Man Testlab: the online and free testing service for men who have sex with men.



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