HIV rapid test locations

Results of the rapid test for HIV are available within one hour. The rapid test is not suited when you've recently run a risk for HIV. How much the rapid test costs depends on where you get tested. Ask your local clinic to provide you with more information about the rapid test.

Besides the standard HIV test, there is also a rapid HIV test. For the rapid test, just a drop of blood is enough. As the name suggests, the results of that test become available much more quickly: within an hour. But if you have only recently run a risk of getting HIV, the rapid test is a less suitable option. That is because the rapid test is less accurate in determining acute HIV infections.

If you've recently run a risk, do not go for a rapid HIV test but ask for the standard HIV test. The advantage of the standard test is that it can already show HIV in your blood just six weeks after infection.

Locations for HIV rapid tests:

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