Free vaccination

Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by a very contagious virus. Hepatitis B is a very serious STI, but you can easily protect yourself. Get vaccinated for free at your local GGD!

For complete and probably life-long protection against Hepatitis B, you will need to have three vaccination shots:

  • One month after the first vaccination, it will be time to get the second shot
  • The third and final shot comes half a year later
  • The vaccination is free and easy to get via the GGD or STI clinic

After three shots, you will be protected against Hepatitis B for the rest of your life. If you did not manage to complete the whole series of three vaccinations within a half year, it is still a good idea to finish the series. Even with somewhat longer breaks between the shots, you can still successfully finish the series.

Free and anonymous vaccination

Gay and bisexual men can get vaccinated for free at the GGD.

  • You can get the vaccination anonymously
  • Will you be visiting the STI clinic to get tested for STIs? The STI clinic also offers the free Hepatitis B vaccination directly to men who have sex with men
  • If you get the vaccination from your own doctor or from the Traveller's Advice and Vaccination Office at the GGD, you will need to pay the normal price

Have you not been vaccinated yet? In that case, contact the GGD in your neighbourhood.

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Preventing Hepatitis B