Online appointment for Hepatitis B vaccination

Getting vaccinated for free against Hepatitis B is easy!

  • Book an online appointment at the GGD in your area
  • If you can't find a good time slot, please call the GGD to see if they have more time slots available.
  • Vaccination against hepatitis B is free. You can ask for a combined vaccination for hepatitits A and B called Twinrix. You only pay the extra costs for the vaccination against hepatitis A.

Please note: There should be at least one week between getting your COVID vaccination and the Hepatitis B vaccination. This is important to be able to monitor any side effects of the COVID vaccin.

Cancel your hepatitis B vaccination and make a new appointment if it is too close to your COVID vaccaination.

The video about how to arrange a vaccination against STIs is also available in SpanishRussian and Arabic.

How to arrange a vaccination against STIs